There are an insane number of resources available for blogging out there. So I have included a list of my favorites with a little bit of explanation thrown in. If I’ve left something off that you swear by please leave a comment!


Making Sense of Cents – I have just recently found Michelle and her blog, and she is epic! As I gain even more info from her blog I will pass it along, or even better, you can peruse it yourself! Her income reports give me hope, and her tips on money management are clear and concise.

Social Media

Sunny Lenarduzzi – I found Sunny when she was just starting her YouTube channel. Her genius was clear from the start, and it was stunning to she her grow that channel like crazy….in the first year! Her video content is my favorite. She has quick, clear tips for media branding and video for business. Every time I implement her strategize I see results! She takes her #BYOBoss (Be Your Own Boss) mantra SERIOUSLY!

Money Management

Mike and Lauren – These creators take minimal output, major input to new heights! They have totally crafted their life around their goals for financial freedom! They share every tip they use along the way, including vlogging their experience with RV-living. They are genuine and dedicated. Plus their boy Hudson is adorable!