Welcome Sweets!

This section is the hardest part of a blog, for me. How give you the highlights of over a quarter of a century? What are you most interested in learning about my history? Perhaps some basics:

I was born in June of 1987. The first child of Stanley and Sandy. Twenty-two months later my younger brother Sean finished up our family unit. We grew up close to both grandparents and many extended family members. I got a good mix of family interaction being one of only two grand kids on one side, and the second youngest of thirteen grand kids on the other.

Growing up was full of all the usual things, with extra reading, writing, and photography. I didn’t attach myself to any sport or club in school. My extra activities were youth group and church camp every summer. I graduated high school in 2006, and started taking classes at the University of Arkansas that fall.

A few crummy life things separate this part of my life from the next.

In 2007 I met my now husband, Derek. We were married on Leap Day in 2008. We spent a few years living in central AR near his family, before moving back to NWA. After some time off I returned to the UofA to finish my bachelors degree in English. I consider myself a very nerdy person. I get excessively attached to fictional characters, and would love to write a novel someday.

Here you will find a variety of posts about my life with intentional focus on growing spiritually and managing anxiety. I find community to be the best physical representation of love and compassion. Whether in physical of virtual form support from others is a great healer. I hope together we can learn and grow a little, even just for today.

Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.  ~Alice

XXX, Shari


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