Where Does Direction Come From?

When I started this blog I was at the very edge of a large void that had been taking up my entire field of vision. I’m still, working through the many things God intended me to learn from that void.

But the changes that I am beginning to work on came from a, seemingly random event that led me to reach out to a friend. A friend that had been in the background of my life for years, a friend who God had only recently brought to the foreground.

The email I sent her was impulsive and rambling. I know I didn’t even begin to say everything I was feeling, or struggling to feel. But the beauty of his plan comes from my imperfect steps. The direction I received from my friend was the exact opposite of what I expected. 

Simply she said to rest. Somehow she knew I was too keyed up for any major, or even minor, work. Reaching out was the extent of my abilities, and even that spoke of how uncertain I felt. I am an anxious person. It is not my nature to reach out, to show my struggle.

But the “somehow” of those steps were all God. He set that day into motion long before I walked it.

So that night I started writing. Writing without reservation is my favorite rest. (Although I struggle with worry there too.) And the number one problem I had was what in the world to call this thing. The problem with starting something is sometimes you have to make decisions before you can see that larger picture.

I knew some of my struggle came from my own worry, and I knew my perspective was out of whack. So after searching and using an on-line thesaurus I settled on “A Matter of Attitude.” Sometimes I wonder if it was “the best” choice, but really that isn’t the point.

And if I need affirmation I already have it!


This card is from the first Ruth Rally I helped with back in 2012. I have carried this card in Bible since then, but only DAYS ago did I realize the connection this card had to my blog. Here again God laid out things in front of me.

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10 NIV

As I continue to work on drawing nearer to God I hope I can keep this in perspective. He has prepared me. He directs my path.

Thank you for reading.


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