Someday I Will

Ever had a day that just beat you down? One of those days that had you dreaming for your warm bed, or a black hole.

And then…you reached out for help, or prayed, or just rested. Maybe it helped maybe not, but you survived.

Then maybe a month, or a day later you followed your memories back to that low day, and how you made it through.

Jesus replied, “You don’t understand now what I am doing, but someday you will.” John 13:7 NIV

Usually I ask God when. Sometimes I wonder if things I want will ever happen, but usually I just want to know when.

Recently however I have tried to wait, and I hate it. Waiting is not something we do easily. Now that entertainment is at our fingertips 24/7 waiting is just another time to check Facebook.

So when we wait for God to give what we (think we) need, we are not easily patient.

This past year was quite a trial in this, but God began to show me peace in his promises. I feel drawn to this verse and God’s promise for ~ Someday

This post was prompted by Faith Barista.

Check her out here.



4 thoughts on “Someday I Will

  1. Wait was going to be my word for 2015! But I moved over to Everything – both are in the verse I chose – next to you at faithbarista today. (and I have a sister in Arkansas and i’ve spoken at a retreat in Siloam springs… (:)
    Blessings as you wait on the Only One worth waiting for. My garden has waited long enough so must go tend (Calif – and 70 degrees and tending is way overdue)


  2. Hi, there – I have a sister in Arkansas. (:
    Wait was my second choice – but I went with Everything – Lam. 3:24
    It’s a beautiful thing to wait – but it can drive me crazy as well. Trying to be more patience as I recognize God’s work and wait on Him. Next to you at faithbarista today.


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