Free Write


Good grief! Sometimes I can look at what I’m learning right now and take that little step back to see what I’m learning. But there are other times when I am just beyond frustrated at my brain. I see the point and then ‘blink’ suddenly it’s gone.

I think (and this could all be wrong) that most people can do fun things without stress. I mean in general most people are free to enjoy a task they are excited about without worrying about every possible pitfall.

I have always struggled with this. I find that I take on a project with this excitement for the end result, and usually I reach that result with little struggle and appreciate the finished work. However I also usually get from point A to point B with quite a few almost meltdowns (or actual meltdowns).

There is such frustration in this. I would much rather enjoy the work it takes to make things happen. And holy moley I wish I had a beautiful way to wrap this up, but as yet I am without clarity on why this is, or what I am to learn.

But I know somewhere, someway, somehow I will understand. I will hold on to my mantra this year and wait. waterrising

Jesus replied, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.” -John 13:7 NIV



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