Remembering Even When It Hurts

I know that writing is my therapy. I think I have known this in a vague way for a long time, but recently it has become cemented in my mind. As I get upset or stressed or overwhelmed instead of tackling what needs to be done I write. Yes this not the most direct way to address each situation, but I am better able to function in a productive way if I am focused which requires releasing other things from my mind.

Today is Veteran’s Day.Thank you with all my heart to any veterans or family’s of veterans reading this. I am so grateful for your service to this country.

So I try to call my grandfather(s) every Veteran’s Day. I have kept up with this pretty well as an adult. This is  the fourth year that I only have one grandparent to call. And not to long after that call I was just awash with emotion. I miss my Grandpa, and now with the added pain of my Grandmother being in Heaven I just feel…I feel like I’m missing something.

I think that I put a lot of stock in where I get my personality or habits or tastes. I also tie memories and things I loved as a child to who I shared them with. So not having the people connected to those memories around is disorienting. But I refuse to be sad, much. Sometimes life is hectic and we move so fast we don’t stop to remember and enjoy happy memories. So while I am upset I am also thinking about Doritos and Snickers Bars, lemon drops and poppers.

If you feel sad, use it. If you feel angry, use it (safely). Our emotions may feel bad, but that doesn’t mean they are bad. You can do stuff with your pain. Put it to work, make it useful.

Hugs, Sharigrandparentsanddad


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