My Car Didn’t Break Down

Hey Gang,

Today I’m gonna talk about lots of things that stay the same, or at least continue to function. This may not be the best day for you, but I hope that you can remember a day like the one(s) I’m about to share.

Today my car took me safely from point A to B to C without any hiccups.

Today I did not trip in front of a room full of people.

Today I was able to find something to wear in a reasonable amount of time.

Today I made progress on the pile of laundry that near really goes away.

And today the Golden Gate Bridge did not fall down.

These may seem like basic things, but they are not. These are the things that make up a good day. So many times the good days just pass us by, until suddenly…..WAM!! Bad Day Strikes Again!

Really the truth is we all have different definitions of good and bad days, but overwhelmingly most days are good days. I have had really really bad days, months, etc. But I have also had good days, months, and years. I sometimes forget to stop and enjoy those good days.

Recently I have been taking time to pay closer attention to my attitude and how it affects my life (aka anxiety), and those around me. Several months ago I watched a video about this exact topic. I’ve gone back to watch it several times recently to remind myself that I do have control over how I view my days, be they good or bad. One of the points Hank makes that hit me the most is that good things happen slowly or quietly. The bad things are marked occasions. You remember the day your car broke down, overlooking the months that it did its job “quietly” so to speak.

I encourage you to take time to be thankful for the good days. And if you need a reminder, or some very rational reasons why this is hard to do the video is below.



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