Attitudes of Greatness

Happy Bits

So one of the big reasons I started thing blog was to find a way to improve my attitude. I am pessimistic by nature, but when you add anxiety and stress…well I’m not very cheery. I wanted to share that struggle in the hopes that as I look at it in writing I can find the silver lining and maybe learn from it. If you are reading this thinking “yep, I get it” then hurray we are not alone; if you are reading this thinking “yep, been there” then hurray please help 🙂

As I try to find ways to improve my outlook I am people watching, in search of those that have it better together than I. I’m not looking for that mythical perfection just some inspiration for what a better outlook can do. I see it in people around me, and I’m not afraid to point it out in people I’ve never met either.

This brings me to Marie. Marie is a mother of two who lives in Seattle. She is a YouTuber with a tight-knit group of friends(viewers) that she shares her life with. There have been several times in the two years I have watched Marie where life was less cheery. She is not afraid to say life is hard. She also finds a way to find what she calls “happy bits” in the junk of life. To her, “Life’s life. You take whatever it throws at you and then you make the happy bits happier yourself.”


That attitude sounds so simple, and I know it isn’t that easy, and that everyone experiences ups and downs. I want to adjust my range, but the process is slow. Therefore, I think I may share these people here sometimes as “Attitudes of Greatness.” Sounds cheesy and over the top, but great attitudes are a real inspiration when you find it hard to have that mind-set. So I think I will celebrate them.

Check out Marie here and thanx for reading,


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