You Jump, I Jump, Jack

Is it just me or is this roller coaster getting a little faster?

I am beginning to feel like God has put me in the fast lane. Life itself is running at a good clip (as usual), but now there is this added scenery that seems to be flying right at my head. Occasionally I worry I might crash, but somehow these quick flying images are drawing my eye without putting it out.

Several times in the last few days I have had conversations with different people about ministry, and how we do that in an everyday way. Tonight I had the privilege to hear about a ministry going on in Detroit called the Micah 6 Community. There main goal is to build relationships and help feel the needs of people in the community, with the hope that that will lead to an avenue to talking about mercy, and salvation. As we were talking I kept coming back to this personal ministry idea. Whether you are in Turkey or Detroit, or Fayetteville your life is a ministry to those around you.

I am not confident that my ministry is doing much for others right now. I mean really I’m leaning on quite a few people so how can i be ministering right? Sometimes I stop here at the point of maximum negativity, but I have been told that this is just not true. When we lean on others we give them an opportunity to love us, to share God’s love, to be a light. I can think of a few times in my life when I was able to have someone lean on me, and I remember feeling lucky to be there, lucky to be a part of a struggle and watch it heal.

In a rather unusual episode of Gilmore Girls Rory is out of her element at an event for a secret society. She is given an opportunity to jump from a very high height with a friend, with an undetermined amount of safety involved. In very un-Rory fashion she jumps, I think, because she’s not alone. Now I’m not advocating dare-devil antics, but I do find something beautiful in that comradery -“You Jump, I Jump, Jack”

For so long I have dipped my toe in that idea, just barely experiencing the love and friendship that comes from opening up and accepting community. But I don’t want to be timid. I want to be brave and allow God to blow me away with what he can do. I hope that as I continue to face my fears I can be open to his blessing, even the ones that scare me.

~ Shari


2 thoughts on “You Jump, I Jump, Jack

  1. I’d love to hear more about the Micah 6 Community. I have a feeling God is planting the seeds of something like this within our own church community.
    Also—I don’t believe in coincidences you know—Tyler and I are watching the Gilmore Girls series and I just saw that episode you mentioned a couple of weeks ago! I definitely feel like I’m jumping which is a bit out of character for me, too.


    1. Hi. My name is Coleman Yoakum and I am the founder of Micah 6 Community. I stumbled across this as I was googling our organization this evening.

      I am glad to hear you were inspired by what we are doing here in Detroit. Oddly enough, much of my inspiration started there in Fayetteville with Cobblestone Project and some of the cool things I was able to help out with while I was there.

      If you’re ever up for an adventure, we’d love to have you come up and hang out for a few days! Or, I will be back in Fayetteville the first week in March, maybe we can reconnect then!

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