Free Write

It’s A Brand New Day

Hello Friends!

Today began like so many of my blue days. I woke up, survived the first few hours and then BAM- I was spent. Without warning I was crying for no reason and thinking “How did I get here?”

Honestly I am excited/terrified to share this. There is such strength in sharing our struggles, but if your me that is exactly the kind of thing that can send you into a panic. I have been a seasonal blogger for years but I very rarely got…well real. But that was yesterday and today is new.

Today I took one big step that lead directly to this post. I told a friendIi was struggling. For me this was beyond huge. After I hit that send button I spent the next ten minutes in near panic, wondering what I was thinking baring my soul, putting my life (or part of it) on display. But like I said today is new and that one choice was totally worth all the worry. Because God has blessed me with many things; many things I want to share with you here. Today it was a dear friend that blessed me with her understanding, love, and a desire to be there without putting a band-aid on my problem.

So here I will walk this journey in full view (i hope…no i believe), and maybe someone will find what they need here. If nothing else I hope to be able to grow just by showing my scars without fear.

~ Shari


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